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"why do I have to be flexible to get a job? I wanna be an engineer not a stripper..."

MaxBSan 

"First day at engineer it's like "hell yeah! I'm gonna be a fucking engineer" Today I was like "fuck this shit! I'm gonna be stripper" ¬¬"

مقاتل نينجا

"Or a Stripper RT @ZeyadSeddik if there's something I can be instead of an engineer, it would definitely be an investigator or a CIA Agent!!"


"@SarsharN Says the 6 figure a yr engineer who has a condo in Birmingham & drives an Audi & trying to save a stripper lmfao!!!!"

elle woods

"#ibelieveyou RT @Bria_SPEAKS When I grow up, instead of being an engineer, I want to go to stripper school."