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Laxmi Patel

"Hiring a White box QA Engineer in San Carlos, CA "


"Every Adobe engineer who worked on Flash, which makes it impossible to Deny/Allow this dialog box, should be ashamed. "


"@Engineer_M_E 😱 that is huge. That's like the whole cereal box lol"

Pete Kinser

"RT @counternotions: Every Adobe engineer who worked on Flash, which makes it impossible to Deny/Allow this dialog box, should be ashamed. "

Bill Bell at NCSA

"From jet engines to the human voice box? "

Jobs4me San Diego

"[Adecco Staffing Services] Job: BLACK BOX QA ENGINEER NEEDED ASAP!! (San Diego, CA) "

Colin Perkins

""This comedian has a point. Why can't we make the whole plane out of the black box?" --Worlds Worst Engineer"

HP for SmallBiz

"#HP Performance Advisor – Your Engineer in a Box: "

Mark Greenwood

"Freemake Music Box worth a try. Spotify without commercials. Great for sourcing music clips."

Rana Arifud Doula



"Crowd sourcing the Twitter box: what do you do to make yourself feel better when you feel ugly?"

Rhiannon Dosreis

"Form & Function Octagon 10-1/4-inch White Plastic Plates 48 Per Box: Creative Converting is a leading manufactur... "

Emory Stagmer

"@NASA EO-1's C&DH box lead engineer Steve Schumacher passed away unexpectedly yesterday. He'd be proud that his satellite outlived him."

Christopher Briggs

"Still in darkness. Apparently engineer should be at Bumpers Lane by now which is where Junction box or sub station is."

Faiz ▼ Fadilah

"I'm just trying to think out of the box a little here, so what if I don't to be a dentist, I got a C for Bio anyway, or neither an engineer"

Angella Blair

"@Engineer_GREG yaah get a hot box from me one day just watch and see!"

Andy Lancaster

"@KevSunshine Christ. Virgin guy that came with my new box was a real engineer. Once he realised I was a fellow geek we had a right old chat!"

Matthew Stephenson

"@virginmedia Hi, had a fault with my 1TB Tivo and had an engineer out yesterday but he replaced it with a 500GB box, should i ring up?"

Sky Guru

"@stevewells5 There is a method to switch box to single feed at the expense of recording function. But engineer visit is looking likely."

"White box Tetsing Engineer: Company: Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt LtdQualification: B.E/B... "

Taha Asfahani

"@BTCare I've just been informed that thy need to rewire the line to the box when can you get an engineer to sort this issue out??"

Engineering Jobs

"Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer Box Build/PCBA San Jose Not stated per hour: Adecco Engineering and Technic... "

Direct Sitters

"@neil_robertson How did it go with your @SkyHD engineer early this week? Did they manage to sort out the problem you had with your box?"


"lmao @iMa___Gee ---> “@KevinTheGawd: Professional box cutting engineer for Kroger”"

Zane Findlay

"Senior Mining Engineer required - URGENT Coal mining experience - Opencast & Underground +- 10-15yrs experience See My Box for more details…"